Dairy breeds economic attractions (Jersey)

√ Milk fat percentage was higher (about 6%) compared to Holstein (about 3.2%)

√ Despite producing lower quantities of milk in the Jersey breed (25-30 kg/day) than the Holstein breed (35-40 kg/day) due to the higher selling price of the milk, the breeder’s income from milk sales is almost similar to that of the Holstein milk

√ The lower cost of keeping livestock in the Jersey breed (20-25%) than Holstein is due to the smaller size of the breed

√ Lower veterinary costs (30%) of the Jersey breed, especially the costs of mastitis (smaller breast) and lameness (less animal weight) than Holstein+ Read more »

Beef type cattle economic Attractions (Charolais cattle, Limousine, Aquiten)

√ Due to proper feed conversion ratio of these breeds compared to the Holstein breeder, the livestock’s income would be about 20% higher than the Holstein breeding

√ The weight of the male calves in the breed at 16 months of age (about 800 kg) is much higher than that of the Holstein male at about the same age (about 550 kg), while the cost of feeding the broiler is similar to that of the Holstein

√ Better carcass yield (65%) than Holstein (50%)+ Read more »

Dual purpose breeds (Simmental)

√ Quantity (20% less than Holstein) and milk quality (25% more than Holstein)

√ This breed is comparable to Holstein

√ Higher weight gain than Holstein (1.4 to 1.6 kg / day) And Higher carcass weighting gives the farmer 15% more income+ Read more »

Why the “embryo transfer” in the world is increasing?

High production costs for milk and meat has been a constant problem for producers in the livestock industry, while in recent decades, developed countries have been able to reduce production costs about 20-30% using reproductive biotechnology and superior cows have been propagated using “in vitro embryo prodution technology”.

Because of the aforementioned perspective, the Sina Fanavaran Mandegar Co. (affiliated to the Avicenna Research Institute) for the first time in the country created a embryo bank from High-quality dairy breeds of cow (Jersey), Dual-purpose (Simmental) and beef (Charolais, Limousine and Blonde d'Aquitaine) cows.

Resume and honors

√ Production of The first lamb، resulting from IVF in the country and simulated embryos

√ Embryo Production from Premium Cows Using the ovum pick up Technique and Selected Design as; National Master Plan

√ Obtaining the first and only exploitation license entitled ، Laboratory production of cattle embryos، from the Veterinary Organization

√ The contract for the sale of Embryo with The Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order (EIKO).

√ The Contract of Embryo Sale with Astan Quds Razavi.

√ The Contract of Embryo Sale with the Central Union of Iran animal farmers

√ The conclusion of a contract of sale of a fetus with private sector dairies

√ Country Environmental Protection Agency request to cooperate in the cheetah preservation project

√ Establishment of Standing Committee on Cooperation in Reproductive Biotechnology with the Veterinary Organization.

Annually embryo production
Sold embryos
Increasing the margin of dairy (20%-30%)
Production of superior breeds of yours
Propagation of the best cows of the farm
Targeted pregnancy

The benefits of Laboratory embryo transfer

Laboratory production of embryos using the ovum pick up technique has been increasing day by day in the world, as only one Brazilian company called IVB produces monthly 60000 embryos in this way.

The Sina Fanavaran Mandegar services:

Here you can see complete list of companies activities:

Participation in calf production

In this model of cooperation, the Sina Fanavaran Mandegar transfers embryos from premium agreed breeds to recipient cows belonging to the breeder, but after calves are born and when they reach the optimal age, the calves are divided by the percent agreed upon.+ Read more »

Cattle Boarding for Premium cows as the embryo production

The Sina Fanavaran Mandegar Center, with its well-stocked livestock facilities, can Maintenance a limited number of premium heifers owned by ranchers (provided they are free of certain diseases, such as IBR, BVD, BVL..). In this model, the cost of maintaining premium heifers during embryo production is borne by the Sina Fanavaran Mandegar center and the embryos will be provided to the farmer after a reasonable discount. Also, you can buy embryos from the Sina Fanavaran Mandegar Center if you are an animal breeder.+ Read more »

Production and freezing of oocytes, sperm, and embryos

Conservation of genetic reserves (freezing oocytes, sperm, embryos and stem cells) of species of animals with superior genetic characteristics utilizing modern cryopreservation techniques is one of the services offered by the center.

The possibility of using frozen embryos and transferring them without the need for dilution has been one of the achievements of the center, which in turn will facilitate the process of transfer and promotion of this technique at the level of industrial dairies.+ Read more »

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